We’re pretty proud of our straps. Can you tell? Each strap is made from official Horween® Leather all the way from Chicago and is even used in official NFL and NBA game balls!

We chose Horween® Leather for our straps as it offers an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness and innovation. As the strap comes into contact with elements around you, the leather will develop a patina, or a dark lustrous sheen, making your strap unique and unlike any other.

Horween® Leather ticked all the boxes in our pursuit of quality materials that stand up to adventure. Not only were we after a material that was durable, but the vegetable-tanned Horween® leather also offers the unique properties to age and patina with wear.

Every order comes with two straps of your choice - so you can take your different styles with you through the day and night.  


All our watches come with interchangeable straps to easily change your watch vibe - no tools required! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Locate the quick release trigger on the back of your strap along the edge that connects with the watch face
2. Use your finger to slide along the trigger which will release the strap from your watch
3. To attach a new strap, simply slide the trigger in the opposite direction and click the new strap into the watch