Established in Hamilton, ROKZIN is one of NZ's latest design studios to come out of the Groovy Group.

Our first release is the limited drop of clean & classic watches for men. Weย tookย inspiration from styles we've seen flourish over the world and coupled them with the highest quality, affordable materials & construction that will have you in timeless pieces to suit all the trends that come and go.

Designed right here in NZ, ROKZIN is ready and waiting to join you on your journey.ย 

Our Core Values

  • We will represent our brand and intentions openly and honestly to our kiwi community.
  • Strive to be the best but willingly take responsibility for our mistakes and do what we can to rectify them.
  • Show our human side and be ourselves - even if it means being a little less than perfect sometimes.
  • We will over-deliver whenever we can, providing customers with exceptional kiwi customer service, being as helpful and as understanding as we can.
  • We believe that generosity is its own reward, but also helpsย us to grow - as we receive referrals, testimonials, purchases and accolades from the community.ย